In our library, you will find selected dialogue mats on topics we know are relevant for many of our clients. These dialogue mats work without adjustments and can be used just as they are.


If you need a dialogue mat on a topic that is not in the library, or you wish to customise one of the dialogue mats, that is entirely possible!

Digital Cautiousness #2

There is an increasing request for online awareness courses and lectures among elementary schools. Many institutions state that they need more material on parents as

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Municipal planning

Agreement upon what should characterise our future municipality is hard to come by. Different and often conflicting interests meet and must be resolved in municipal

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The difficult conversation

Succeeding with the difficult conversation means clearly defined expectations, preparations, and clarity. We have developed a training program where you can practice this process as

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Innovation in practice

The ability to innovate is crucial for businesses, but where to begin? We have developed four dialogue mats on innovation that build awareness on the

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Didn't find what you were looking for?

We have developed over 250 dialogue mats in addition to those available in the library. These are customised for each client, and below are some examples of relevant topics. Did you find something that sparked your interest? Contact us and we can together create the perfect dialogue mat for your needs.

Health, Safety and Environment

Clients: Equinor, Yara, Essity, Red Cross
We provide consultancy and educational material for HSE programmes, in both analogue, digital, and hybrid formats.
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Strategic Alignment

Clients: NRK, Bring, DnB, Elvia
Understanding the WHY is a requirement for sustainable and successful change.
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Strategy Implementation

Clients: Moelven, Telenor, Statkraft, Hafslund
A strategy only creates value when it is successfully implemented.
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Values and Ethics

Clients: Tine, PwC, Finn, Hurtigruten, Equinor
Values and ethics can either be decorative, or have an actual impact on value creation.
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Organisational Culture

Clients: SalMar, Spekter, Essity, NRK
Creating an organisational culture is a team effort. Therefore, each individual must understand their role and contribution.
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Work Environment

Clients: Spekter, KS, Essity
Many claim that employees are a company’s most important assets. Some take action to prove it.
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Clients: Innovasjon Norge, Tine
Creating something new is the key to economic growth and securing competitive edge.
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Leadership Training

Clients: Aker Solutions, Telenor, PwC, Yara
A direct link to one’s daily work is the most effective foundation for behavioural change.
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