The difficult conversation

Succeeding with the difficult conversation means clearly defined expectations, preparations, and clarity. We have developed a training program where you can practice this process as a team.

A difficult conversations means a conversation that you dread, where you cannot just use your normal conversation behaviours, where communication has plateaued, or where conflict has arisen. The common denominator for such conversations is that both parties have reached a point where open and honest communication is the only way out.  

Several great frameworks for handling difficult conversations exists. Still, there is a need for a group-based approach, where you can practice communication and conversations skills in a safe environment. Such a method is important to create a framework for how managers in an organisation act and communicate, as well allowing employees to learn from each other. Based on previous projects and client needs, we have developed a training program where participants can practice as both communicators and observers – creating an effective learning environment. 

Individual reflection

An important part of the training is the individual reflection. To support this aspect, the dialogue mat is accompanied by a booklet on methods and techniques that enable participants to practice outside of the training sessions.

Additionally, we utilise an exercise sheet where you define a fictive case that is actively used during the training. This sheet forms the basis for feedback and reflection on the best approach to solve or handle the defined case.

Unspoken challenges and conflicts has a tendency to affect the atmosphere in a team. Based on our experience with various clients, we have designed a training program that makes difficult conversation a tad easier. As a poor work climate affects the entire team, we have also included a dedicated section on teamwork. This can be done as a separate training sequence, or skipped if irrelevant. 


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