Digital Cautiousness #2

There is an increasing request for online awareness courses and lectures among elementary schools. Many institutions state that they need more material on parents as role models for children online, and request tools that can help conduct constructive and good parent meetings on the topic. The Ombudsman in Buskerud and the Norwegian Media Authority have […]

Municipal planning

Agreement upon what should characterise our future municipality is hard to come by. Different and often conflicting interests meet and must be resolved in municipal planning. In collaboration with Hol Municipality, we have developed et foundation for dialogue and discussion of most issues every municipality must consider. The objective is to ensure active involvement and […]

The difficult conversation

Succeeding with the difficult conversation means clearly defined expectations, preparations, and clarity. We have developed a training program where you can practice this process as a team. A difficult conversations means a conversation that you dread, where you cannot just use your normal conversation behaviours, where communication has plateaued, or where conflict has arisen. The […]

Innovation in practice

The ability to innovate is crucial for businesses, but where to begin? We have developed four dialogue mats on innovation that build awareness on the importance of innovation, increase knowledge about what innovation means, and outline the organisation’s current ability to innovate. Why is innovation important? There are multiple reasons as to why organisations should […]