The cost of using a ready-made dialogue mat depends on the dialogue mat itself, and what supplemental elements you choose. 


To use our dialogue mats, you need a license. By paying the license, you also make a promise not to change or copy parts of or the entire product without our approval, or go beyond the usages defined by the license.

We offer both one-time licenses, and annual licenses. The annual license gives you the right to use several different dialogue mats, or to use the same dialogue mat in several contexts. You can upgrade a one-time license to an annual license at any time. 

Du kjøper enten en engangslisens, eller kan tegne en årlig lisens. Den årlige lisensen gir deg rett til å bruke flere ulike dialogduker, eller bruke samme duk ved flere anledninger. Du kan konvertere en engangslisens inn i en årlig lisens. 

What is included in the price for a dialogue mat?

When you purchase a dialogue mat, you pay a price per dialogue mat. We recommend one dialogue mat on four participants, meaning that you need two dialogue mats for eight people, and three dialogue mats for 12 people. The price per person is equal to the price of the dialogue mat divided by the number of participants per dialogue mat. 

The price includes the dialogue mat itself, as well as any supplemental elements (stickers, case cards, post-it notes, etc.). Additional, a detailed guide on how to use the specific dialogue mat is included.

Fees related to shipping and distribution are priced separately from the costs of the dialogue mat, and is calculated based on the number of dialogue mats included in the order and the shipment address. One package can hold up to four dialogue mats, and the unit price for shipment is 179 NOK including VAT, as of September 2023. Urgent orders receive additional fees.


When ordered, we print the dialogue mats for you. As we print larger quantities, we often get better prices. Additionally, our contacts have experience in printing dialogue mats, which requires a certain competence and knowledge in order for the final product to obtain high quality.

However, if you have access to qualified producers, you can buy ready-to-print files. These are accompanied by a guide from our contacts, including information on production and assembly. For this format you pay a one-time fee to gain access to the print-ready files.

Facilitation assistance

Although we recommend that dialogue mat processes be facilitated using internal forces in the organisation, external assistance is possible. Some of our clients prefer that all employees be included in these processes, and that the facilitator functions as an objective guide, meaning that external facilitation is required. 

Our senior consultants have extensive experience with process management, and can help you with the facilitation of the dialogue mat, or a hybrid solution. We develop a detailed agenda based on your needs, take responsibility for technical aspects of the work session (location, sound, structure, etc.) and run the dialogue mat process (introduction, explanations, summarizing, sharing reflections in plenary, etc.).

If external facilitation is preferred, you will receive a discount on the dialogue mats. Facilitating a dialogue mat process that has a time span of two hours and with up to five groups (i.e., up to 20 participants), entails one day’s work, including preparations. For processes with a larger scope, prices are adjusted.

"Train the trainer"

If you take your time preparing and reading through our guide, facilitating a dialogue mat is pretty straightforward. However, if multiple people are going to facilitate the process, for instance all middle managers, and the goal is that all participants receive the same training and treatment, investing in some practical training is important. We call this a “tran-the-trainer” (T3) session. 

During a T3 session, we go through the dialogue mat in detail and spend time discussing and practicing the process manager role. If the work with the dialogue mat is part of a larger process, we also allocate time to put the dialogue mat’s design and content into context. 

A T3 usually takes at least four hours, given that the dialogue mat has a time frame of up to two hours. We recommend that you set aside an entire day. Being able to practice, reflection on different approaches and methods for facilitation, discussing with peers, and creating a plan for execution will increase the chance of successful results throughout the organisation. 

The standard price for a T3 is 15.000 NOK (excluding VAT) for half a day, and 28.000 NOK (excluding VAT) for a full day. If the project requires extensive adaptation and tailored solutions, we make a separate pricing estimate based on these needs and the cost of the resources required.


Standard daily rates: 
Senior Consultant/Partner: 15 200 NOK + VAT

Junior Consultant: 9 600 NOK + VAT

Designer:  13 400 NOK + VAT


Standard hourly rates: 
Senior Consultant/Partner: 1900 NOK + VAT

Junior Consultant: 1200 NOK + VAT

Designer: 1675 NOK + VAT